End of January FLASH SALE!

by Ashwin Bolar January 26, 2016

GUYS. WE MADE IT. That was a brutal, cold and blustery January. All our mates were doing Dry-Anuary. Everyone kept yapping on about 'Making a Murderer'. Pay day is still a few days away, damnit. And here we are pushing another awesome sale on you all.

But this one's big. Like, really big. All T-Shirts - £12.

Yep. That's right. Cotton and Hemp. £12. 

"But how do we take advantage of this amazing deal?" I hear you screaming into your display units. Log onto the THTC website between 12-5PM GMT Sunday, January 31 and go wild. It's that simple. 

No discount codes, no faffing. Same as our Christmas flash sale, but bigger and bashier - because we need to make a lot of space for all the new hemp stock that's arriving in March! That's right, we're restocking the 'H' in THTC - new prints, new designers and new cuts. It's an exciting time.

But back to the matter in hand - the THTC January Flash Sale - Sunday January 31 - 12-5PM GMT. Log in and buy. It's that simple!

PLEASE NOTE: All discount codes are currently disabled through January, but will be reinstated on February 1st. If you've still got a 'Welcome' code, you'll be able to use that from Monday onwards!



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Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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