THTC's New Material - Lenzing Modal

by Ashwin Bolar April 11, 2016

At THTC, we like to dip our toes into a spot of innovation every now and then - especially, when it results in a pretty awesome new product. So it's with great pleasure we announce, albeit with minimal fanfare, that we're making a bunch of new ranges with an awesome material called Lenzing Modal.

What is Modal?

Well aside from a type of mathematical average we learned at GCSE, that we know have to Google to remember, Modal is a synthetic material made from Beech wood pulp. Unlike cotton, or hemp fibres it doesn't naturally occur but is made by spinning reconstituted Beech wood.

I know what you're thinking - sounds like another rough, hippie fabric - looks good in the drum circle, but not stomping down Shoreditch. This ish' is literally one of the softest materials we've ever worked with. In tactile terms, it feels and looks like silk.


Where can we see it?

Well, aside from being modelled above by the lovely Katerina, we'll be printing a run as part of our new women's range featuring some of the exclusive designs from new THTC designer, Lottie Goodman. Our modal t's are available on pre-order now, shipping in early April and more designs will become available through the year. 

If these go well, we'll look at introducing more lines!

For more information about modal, check out the Lenzing homepage.

Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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