Hail to the King

by Ashwin Bolar April 30, 2016

A legacy of love

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On May 8 2016, Sir David Attenborough, the world's greatest, most decorated broadcaster and naturalist will turn 90. Sir Attenborough has dedicated his life to documenting the natural environment, as well as being one of it's most celebrated champions. My earliest memories of television, all involve him - either hidden in a bush, whispering beautiful descriptions of a mighty Silverback Gorilla to a terrified cameraman or narrating over helicopter shot zooming over the Western Amazon.

His unmistakable voice, the signature to the mystery and wonder, hidden in lands further away than my tiny developing mind could ever imagine. Sir David taught me how big the world was, how scary and brutal it could be - but at the same time, how delicate it was when faced by the pure destructive force of humankind's will. My childhood became one involved with saving ants and spiders, instead of burning them with a magnifying glass; shouting at my parents to try and recycle; and being a vegetarian (well, all at least until I got to University).

Sir David & Direct Action

Aside from documenting the world in all it's leafy glory, Sir David has long fought tooth and nail for it, a patron of several environmental protection NGOs and charities. One such charity, that Sir David is chief patron of, is the World Land Trust (WLT) - an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats through direct action. 

Unlike many other international NGOs that wade in and tell local communities what they need to be doing save their environment, WLT empowers local NGOs by providing finance for land purchase - the management and ownership of which remains with local conservation groups.

Saving the world one acre at a time

The WLT has a number of ongoing projects - one to safeguard a massive tract of rainforest in the zone called the 'Atlantic Forest'; another in the Central Ecuadorean Cloud Forest mountains - all in regions with spine-tingling names - all in danger from the greed and excesses of mankind. 

As such, all through this May - THTC will be donating 20% of all net sales of the King David Collection, to the WLT. Not 'profit' after Gav and I have taken our pay (which is what other similar campaigns by other high-street brands do) but actual sales revenue. Buying one our T-shirts, sweaters or hemp bags will directly assist in saving the lives of the endangered animals and plant species that Sir Attenborough taught us about.

Once they're gone, they're gone - and we at THTC refuse to stand around and do nothing. 



Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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