A Right Of Passage - THTC's 2nd World Land Trust Collaboration

by Ashwin Bolar October 07, 2016

Elephants are pretty amazing. These giants of jungle and savannah have been roaming the Earth longer than most ancient human civilisations. Aristotle once said that elephants were "the animal which surpasses all others in wit and mind." Their brains weigh just over 5kg, and their cognitive capabilities are on par with us - they use tools, have highly defined social structures and even have grieving and remembrance ceremonies for their fallen.

However, human development has long encroached upon the territories of these animals. As recent as 2013, an elephant herd lost a prominent member when it was hit by a commuter train. The grief-stricken tribe went on a revenge-rampage of a nearby town. It's been long clear that, as a society, we need to do more to care for the other sentient life that co-exist with us on this planet. 

A Corridor of Hope

Our friends at World Land Trust (WLT) decided to do something about it. As their specialty is the creation of huge tracts of secured rainforest and wildlife areas, WLT have formed a partnership with Wildlife Trust of India to create a network of safe, protected passages for elephants to move between reserves without coming into conflict with humans.

WLT’s new focus is on the Mudahalli Elephant Corridor which also helps other wildlife using the route including Bengal TigerIndian LeopardDholeGaurSloth Bear, primates such as Grey Langur and Bonnet Macaque, and Indian Antelope.

WLT's Elephant Corridor Appeal aims to raise £750,000 to extend and protect the Mudahalli Elephant Corridor, where the Eastern and Western Ghats meet in southern India. As part of the campaign, WLT have teamed up with THTC-resident artist and international graffiti artist, Mau Mau, to create a special campaign t-shirt.

'Elephant Crossing' - a simple and fun design from the creativist behind such infamous THTC prints as Get Rich or Try Sharing, Evil Mac, Plastic Fish and Trojan Sound System. This design is available on organic cotton men's t-shirts, and women's organic cotton vests. 50% of all profits from this collection go straight to WLT and some (hopefully) grateful Indian Elephants. 

Big Match Fortnight

Each year WLT launches an appeal of crucial conservation importance which is supported by a Big Match Fortnight (BMF) for two weeks in October. During this time all donations towards the BMF appeal are matched by sponsors. Big Match Fortnight ends 19 October. Help us ensure Indian Elephants safe passage between the Ghats mountain ranges today and your donation will be doubled. Learn more and give directly to WLT on their website here.

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Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


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