A Season Of Giving: THTC’s Christmas NGO Push

by Ashwin Bolar December 05, 2016

Last Christmas, I pitched the idea to Gav to pledge a percentage of all of our gross sales to go to Crisis, helping  homeless people. We ended up raising over £2,000 for Crisis, the national homelessness charity.

Over the year, we developed this model further. We partnered with World Land Trust, the Environmental Investigation Agency and, most recently, the Born Free Foundation. We helped our community affect real change in the world - through the simple act of purchasing a quality, ethically-made garment.

This year, we’re going bigger. But we’re not going to run any offers or discounts – like all the other clothing sellers do. Our products, by their nature, cost more to produce than your average high street offerings, and by encouraging the discount culture for cheap, mass produced goods is not something we are willing or able to do.

Instead, we’re giving 10% of select sales to Crisis, helping them to deliver ground breaking housing, health, education and employment services to homeless people across the UK every year. However, we are also pledging another 10% of proceeds on select lines to the grassroots campaigning organisation, Momentum.

“Why, though?”

In the past six years that the Conservative Party has been in power (yep, we count the ‘Coalition’ as Tory years), the number of people sleeping rough on the streets on any one night in England, has doubled – over 3,500 people in England alone don’t have shelter.

Conservative welfare and housing ‘reform’ has taken the roof from many, with eye-watering cuts of over 45% between 2010-15. As Crisis’ Homeless Monitor noted in their 2015 report, policies such as the Benefit Cap, the ‘Bedroom Tax’, discretionary housing payments and the Universal have not seen any clear evidence of achieving their stated aims – rather, forcing families into vulnerability.

Data from Homeless Link (homeless.org.uk)


At Christmas, Crisis opens temporary centres which provide a lifeline for thousands of homeless people, offering support, companionship and vital services during the bitter cold holiday period. With centres across London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Coventry, Crisis at Christmas not only provides immediate help for homeless people at a critical time, but sets them up for a more positive year ahead.

Sadly, homelessness is rising and this year Crisis are preparing to welcome over 4,000 guests between the 22nd and 30th of December. Each guest at Crisis at Christmas will be offered a warm place to stay, nutritious meals, vital health checks and treatments from doctors, dentists, physiotherapists and podiatrists. They will also receive specialist advice on housing, work and benefits.

A host of activities will be arranged to encourage guests to get to know one another and build positive relationships. Guests can enjoy each other’s company at live music events, karaoke sessions and film screenings. Learn more about Crisis on their site.

Momentum – Fighting the Good Fight

Crisis’ work is invaluable – but change needs to come from the top. At its core, Momentum exists to exists to open up politics and the Labour Party, enabling many more people to participate and building a grassroots, inclusive movement. We at THTC share the same values that Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum stand for - equality, justice and environmental sustainability.

Funds raised by THTC's partnership will go towards organising political education and mass mobilisation events, and supporting local groups to campaign for a fairer and more just society. Learn more about Momentum, the Peoples’ Movement, here

10% of sales from this collection will go directly to Momentum.

Other folks you can help This Christmas

We’re still supporting our other NGO partners with our various campaign t’s:

  • Our THTC x EIA collection – helping support the Environmental Investigation Agency and the global fight against the illegal wildlife trade.
  • Our THTC x WLT collection – supporting World Land Trust safeguarding the World’s endangered ecosystems through the development of wildlife corridors and sanctuaries.
  • Our THTC x Born Free collection – backing the fight against global animal exploitation
  • Our No Justice collection – offering support for the families of victims of who have died in police custody.

Organically grown, ethically built and socially-minded – make your Christmas gift count towards a better world, with THTC.

Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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