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Compassion in Action: Refugee Community Kitchen x THTC

Compassion in Action: Refugee Community Kitchen x THTC

November 24, 2017

Earlier this year during the height of the refugee crisis, we brought out our ‘Marmalade’ design, inked by the very wonderful Flo Lipin.

At the same time, one of our community mentioned a very intriguing charity that she volunteered at, that was feeding thousands of people who had fled violence and misery in their home nations. The Refugee Community Kitchen captured our hearts, with their sheer compassion and positive vibes. We knew what we had to do.

Since June 2017, we’ve dedicated 20% of our Marmalade design to the Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK), helping feed people - without judgement. We’re proud to announce that RCK have chosen to partner with THTC Clothing, to produce their merchandise - ethically-produced and organically grown. So that’s rather good, ennit?

But who are these scrappy do-gooders? We shoved a bunch of probing questions in front of the driving figures behind RCK to find out. This week, we meet Paula Gallardo, head doula and organiser of the Kitchen.

Paula Gallardo / Facebook

THTC: Alright Paula! It’s a helluva undertaking, cooking and sheltering thousands of people a day. How did RCK get going?

Paula: For me it came from working on festivals and large events in the UK  and seeing the amount of equipment, resources and skilled people in our tribe and wanting to take that and do some good with it. As with many other good things in my life, it came together in front of a large speaker at Carnival.

As my children are almost all grown up, the time is right for me to move my focus from nurturing a family to using my skills, connections, resources and passions to help people in need.

RCK food for the masses at Calais / Facebook

What are the big projects that RCK is working on at the moment?

P: RCK is just completing building a professional industrial kitchen after using a fantastic but rough field kitchen for the past two years. The biggest challenge is to make funds last whilst people still need feeding.


What are the biggest challenges facing you right now? How can our community help?

The biggest challenges we face are completely entwined with the challenges of the displaced people that we serve. Unheard, unserved, unsupported and without a secure future -  they are not getting the help they need from governments and the public. We too face those challenges.

People can help by insisting that governments change their policies and by showing with their hands, their voices and their votes that we will not forget our fellow man.

Can anyone come and volunteer at RCK? What expertise do you need?

P: Refugee Community Kitchen has proved to be a successful community platform for volunteers, giving people of all nationalities and skills the opportunity to make a difference and feel represented. No skills needed, only a desire to help others.

The RCK crew with Lord Dubs, during his visit earlier in 2017 / Facebook

We’re exceptionally humbled that RCK has decided to partner with us. What makes you want to work with us?

P: THTC have a great reputation of supporting valuable causes. They take the problems of humanity and the environment very seriously and are trying to be part of the solution and not  part of the problem.

If you could change anything about the world, what would it be and why?

P: I would change the distribution of wealth and opportunity. We all know there is enough resources on the Earth for everyone to live humbly with destroying the planet. No one needs to have more than the next person as we can’t take it with us.

What’s on the Kitchen playlist? Who’s the RCK DJ supreme?

P: Too many DJs to mention but one of the tunes that rocked the kitchen this summer is Gorillaz Clint Eastwood

Aside from of course Marmalade and the RCK designs - what’s your favourite THTC design?

P: It has as to be the ‘Just a Ride’ T. I am a big fan of both things on the T-shirt, the wisdom of  Bill Hicks and of organic psychedelics.

Support Refugee Community Kitchen - pick up an official RCK hooded top or t-shirt. Or maybe get both. It’s nearly Christmas after all!

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