For the Sisters: THTC x International Womens Day

by Ashwin Bolar March 08, 2018

For over a hundred years, International Womens’ Day has been a focal point to promote equal rights and suffrage for women. Today, through assemblies, gatherings and direct action, activists across the world are releasing a roll of thunder.

Women's Protest against 'Dress Shaming, Nairobi, 2014 / ABC.AU

Our civil rights today are a result of the hundreds of years of struggle by millions of women across the world. But it’s a fight that’s not ending anytime soon. The gender pay gap, abuse culture, domestic violence, reproductive rights, cultural oppression, FGM - just the very extremities of a deep systemic problem that we as a human race may spend another hundred years trying to dismantle.

Workers Protest, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011


This is a day for the fighters - from the YPJ Kurdish Women’s Battalions fighting ISIS, the striking teachers in West Virginia, the army of Rose McGowan to the East 15 Mums: THTC salutes you all.


YPJ Kurdish Womens Battalion Soldier / AP

For the next three days, we will be donating 25% of net sales from our IWD Collection to the Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights at work. We picked the Fawcett Society, given its work over the years in a number of successful parliamentary actions, helping legislate workplace equality, as well as fighting the gender pay gap and campaigning to end employment tribunal fees.

THTC Clothing looks to be an ally to the true women's liberation movement - one that aims to see an end to the exploitation of all humans for corporate gain or any other such petty reason. This is everyone's fight.  

Lucie Barat, BGirl Zana, Sarah Lamptey - THTC Photoshoot - November 2017



Head to the IWD Collection now. Learn more about the Fawcett Society on their website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.



Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


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