Junglists, Are You Ready?: Hyper D Legacy Project Pt. 2

by Jamie BC July 26, 2018

For over a year, THTC has been supporting the Hyper D Legacy project, in memory of a man who many believe to be the greatest jungle MC to ever hold the mic. Behind the scenes, the project has been growing and evolving. To announce the second phase we welcome back Jamie BeatCulture LDN.

Photo/Tristan Titeux

"It has been nearly 6 years since Darrell Austin (Stevie's nephew) and I joined up, to begin what is now known as The Hyper D Legacy Project. My other project, BeatCulture LDN, had taken me down a path in attempting to document London's diverse and rich contemporary cultural heritage. I'd recently just finished working on a mini-series called, 'The Evolution of a London MC', featuring the renowned Navigator MC.

After first meeting with Darrell, I had originally intended for this to be another short mini-series. But, after hearing Matthew Gale’s online documentary on Rinse FM, The Junglist Soldier: The Life & Times Of Stevie Hyper D, I realised that there was far more to the story than a web series could capture. I returned to Darrell and we explored creating something that could truly reflect the impact on modern culture that Stevie had.


We weren't without challenges, first of which was the long and exhausting fight for the official Facebook fan page - Stevie had a lot of fans who bought his legacy from the 90s into the age of social media, but most had gone dark. While it might not sound important, getting the page was pretty vital in ensuring we had a platform and a space to gather content and reach out to the community. We the set on the process of collecting archive footage, writing the treatments and finding the story.

In September 2017, we partnered with THTC to kick off a line of ethically produced, organic clothing, with artwork from Devolution Designs. This year marks the 20-year anniversary of Stevie’s passing, and so now we can officially announce that profits from the sale of the collection will go into funding ‘The Hidden Influence,’ the official -and hopefully definitive - documentary about Stevie Hyper D, and the London jungle scene.

Darrell and myself introduced the next phase in the project, on Uncle Dugs' Rinse FM show in July. Take a listen - we've got lots in store for 2018, including a party event at the end of the year.

Profits from the sale of the THTC x Hyper D collection go directly to The Hyper D Legacy project, helping to promote jungle heritage and culture and final residuals going to support the Austin family.
Check out our little preview clip:
It's been a real journey through London's cultural history - and the best thing is, it's not over yet. We hope Stevie would like what we're doing, or at least be flashing us a grin down from up high." 

Get involved, get a t-shirt and follow The Hyper D Project on Facebook.

Jamie BC
Jamie BC


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