Meet the Family: Bellatrix

Meet the Family: Bellatrix

June 06, 2017

This week, we meet the one-woman powerhouse that is Bellatrix. The former female Beatbox world champion has had a long and glorious career so far, spanning the world - from her days with the Boxettes, to wielding a double bass with Dizraeli and the Small Gods, to running beatbox workshops in India. 

Wass gwarnin' Bellatrix?

It’s exciting times for me right now coz I’ve just dropped my debut EP! Until quite recently my whole vibe has been about collaboration and taking part in other peoples’ visions, which has been completely excellent… and now it’s time for my own vision to come through. And I’ve got a lot to say. 



Sick! So what's next?

Now my EP is out there in the world, it’s time to bring it to the stage. I’ve just confirmed my first ever gig as a solo artist with full band playing all my music - 15th August at Sebright Arms in Hackney. I’m super hyped about putting the show together. If it turns out like it is in my head, it’s gonna be nuts.

(Grab your tickets here!)


You've travelled through so many different musical forms in the years we've known you. Where are you headed?

Over recent years I’ve been learning to give permission to my full realness and my weirdness and all my vulnerabilities. I really wanna connect with as many peeps as I can reach and encourage them to re-connect with the wild creature deep beneath all our layers of conditioning that don’t allow us to get angry, don’t allow us to speak up or question societal norms and cultural belief systems. I wanna find a way to directly connect to peoples’ wild creature through a sensory live show. It’s all just in my head at the moment, but in a couple of months it will be tangible in it’s first incarnation!


Well moody shot...

What makes you particularly passionate about THTC?

I really love the overtness of wearing a political message when I’m rolling round in my THTC. It brings a quiet constantness to activism. The artwork is super inspiring, and always sparks conversations from different angles. My friends at THTC are fiercely committed to what they stand for and should be an example to everyone else in the clothing industry. 


Which one of your songs do you reckon best personifies THTC? 

“Mr. Millions” is an angry critique of capitalism, and “Be Your Bitch” pulls up patriarchy. Both representative of THTC I reckon! 


What's your fave THTC design?

I love “No Justice”. It is a simple image that speaks so many truths. However you look at it, the statement is clear. 

I also love “Fear Makes The Wolf”, which carries a message we really need to remember right now. 


What cause does THTC help you support?

Paiwand is a charity that supports asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. I volunteer on the Paiwand youth team as a youth mentor, and have chosen this charity for THTC to support with me. 

 Paiwand Int. Event at London's Southbank


If you could change anything about the world, what would it be and why?

I would make empathy and vulnerability super valued amongst human kind. Things that we cultivate in schools along side maths and science. If people were not completely numb, we wouldn’t be able to drop bombs on each other. We would have to start being personally effected by the welfare of the whole planet and every person, plant and creature on it. 


Follow the adventures of Bellatrix all over the Internets. But mostly here.

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