Meet the Family: Lazy Habits

by Ashwin Bolar July 04, 2017

Every so often in life, you encounter a real grafter. Someone whose nose is constantly at the grindstone. With the THTC family, that could be absolutely anyone - however, right now, we're talking about James Collins, aka Lazy Habits - one of the UK's leading Hip Hop artists - and a new member of the THTC team. Would be rude if we didn't get an interview with him, wouldn't it?

Lazy, wagwan? What's the word on the street?
Life is good.  It's Summer time and festival season has begun.  We have a bunch of shows coming up and I'm also very happy to have become a part of the THTC team. They have been really good friends of ours for years and its a pleasure to help out with everything and to see them growing from strength to strength. 

Yes bro - so what's the latest news?
I've recently been working as music supervisor on a feature film that has just been released in the cinemas in Asia, and has been accepted at a few film festivals in Edinburgh, Milan, New York among others.  It's the culmination of a lot of work from 2016, but it's nice to finally see it come to light - at the same time as the focus returns to the band and touring!  

Sounds like serendipity! So what's next for the Habits?
Our 2nd album came out in May 2016 and we are in the process of working on the last couple of videos for a couple of singles before we hit the studio again in November.  We are really excited to be working with Lee Lennox on an animation for "Crossing" that features Miss Baby Sol, and with a Taiwanese director called Birdy on another song from the album.

Do you have a song that reminds you of THTC?
Starting Fires.  It's a protest song and goes hand in hand with some of the statements and the ethos of THTC - a good product with a message and an actual meaning.  

Got a favourite THTC print?
Over the years I've loved a ton of THTC tees. from Mixtape, to Weapon of Choice, and the RUN DMC Corbyn tees. At the moment though I'm in love with the "POWER" and "RAVE" tees. They are so different to anything I have seen from THTC before and I really like them.  


What does THTC actually do for you?
Its nice to be able to walk around in ethical clothing; to know that what you are wearing wasn't made in a sweatshop or from cheap material;  to know that what I'm being sold is a product of someones hard work and love.  

What cause does THTC help you support?
For me over the years I've seen many causes supported by THTC and have never opposed any of them but the Free Burma design really hit home. I spend a lot of time in Taiwan and see some of the same issues they have. The Free Tibet movement, the Burma and Taiwan independence campaigns operate a lot of the time in the same places. The ethics are the same and I think they its very important to educate people to the plight of others in places we might not be familiar with.  

Why would you call us fam, fam?
I feel i have mentioned it before.  The passion the people at THTC have in general is amazing.  The fact that they continue to operate in the same way despite the fact that clothing can be made and sold so cheaply these days.  They refuse to take the easy road and instead stay true to the pillars they built the company on.  

Lastly, if you could change anything about the world, what would it be?
I would try to bring people together.  To make them understand that we are all the same despite our nationality, skin colour, religious beliefs...we are all humans.  The lies we are told to divide us are exactly that - lies.  It would be nice to get rid of the liars that stand to profit from keeping us separate.

Lazy James - we salute you! Follow Lazy Habits on Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeInstagram and Soundcloud! (And now also THTC HQ!)

Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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