by Ashwin Bolar November 23, 2018

“Working in a job just to buy sh*t you don’t need / to pay tax to a man who brings war, death and greed.” - Fliptrix


Black Friday, a somewhat horrific phenomenon. A recent economic migrant to our shores from America, and the herald of crushed crowds and shopfloor brawls. It still amazes me how fellow humans can be whipped into a frenzy for the act of mindless consumerism.

Black Friday is when we’re led to believe we can buy the best shit for cheap - aside from the fact that Which! Magazine data shows that 87% of big brand Black Friday deals were actually the same or cheaper, at other times of the year. As per Fliptrix’s verse, all we seem to be doing is passing our excess labour up a pyramid, to concentrate capital and social power on an arbitrary day of the year.

So we’re proposing something a little different this year - how about instead of accumulating stuff you don’t need, why not directly help another human in need? We present our #BLACKFRIDAY Collection, a series of our regular, ordinary t-shirts marked up to £50 and £100 respectively at a discount of negative 250%. We’re also pledging our regular 10% of all sales of non-collaboration items to Refugee Community Kitchen, all through to the end of December. This year, give the gift of positive wealth redistribution.

£100 for a T-Shirt? That’s f*cking stupid

Yes it is. However, our #BLACKFRIDAY campaign is simply doing what labels like Supreme do on a daily basis - artificially and arbitrarily inflate the value of ordinary retail items.

However, instead of that money going into the pocket of a Carlyle Group equity fund manager - we’re giving all that money - minus cost of product - straight to Refugee Community Kitchen. You’ll get a standard THTC t-shirt, a little letter from RCK about how your money has been spent, a bonus organic cotton t-shirt and a bunch of exclusive die-cut stickers from THTC veteran artist, Mau Mau.

Alternative Tactics

Refugee Community Kitchen, is nearly 3 years old. In that time, they have served over 2.6 million hot meals from their small corner of Calais. In November 2016, the RCK crew set up it’s London outreach project to feed the most vulnerable people living on the streets.


In recent years, they have been witness to the numbers of homelessness increasing - many of whom include refugees and their families. One of the project’s sites is in Camden, and runs a twice-weekly kitchen space, twice a week all-year round.

Data from Shelter, the Homeless Charity has placed this year’s homelessness census at over 320,000 people. That’s up 4% from last year - essentially 36 people became homeless every day of the year, with London experiencing the highest rates. None of the money that the rest of us spend on the usual Black Friday deals will ever help these people.

Refugee Community Kitchen - unlike Amazon, Philip Green, or Facebook - actually needs our support. This winter is going to be bitter, both on the streets of London and in the fields of Calais. RCK is funded by donations, and volunteer contributions and but there’s still a shortfall. In our last meeting with lead RCK organisers Janie and Paula, we discussed what the organisation needs to be able to run it’s London operations. Factoring in food storage requirements, transport and of course the most important factor - cooking gas, we worked out a fundraising goal for RCK London of £10,000.

So this the lofty goal we’re aiming for, and it’s more than we’ve ever attempted. We want to make a difference this year to a lot of people - and we know that THTC community does, too.

Get involved.

Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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