THTC Boomtown 2017 Picks

by Ashwin Bolar August 03, 2017

THTC Boomtown 2017 Picks

THTC has been attending the inimitable Boomtown Fair for the last six years, and we’re proud to be a part of the unfurling story. Next week, we embark upon Boomtown Chapter IX – Behind the Mask! So, citizens of Boomtown, while you’re all figuring out the identity of the mysterious Masked Man and basking within the shade of the resurrected Bang Hai Tower, here are our must-see and do’s of the festival.

This was one of the hardest blogs to write. There are so goddamn many acts to see at Boomtown – we’ve split the list up into close fam and peeps we love that you have to see – and a final list of shows that you pretty much have to drop what (and who) you’re doing and tear ass straight to the stage.


1. Danny Wav

Danny Wav – author of several club bangers, despite being raised by wolves in the forests of Oxfordshire. Danny brings some serious bang for your buck (or tree-fiddy if you got change). We’ll be catching up with him every day at his little residency in Mayfair. Expect guest appearances from a whole host of MCs, including Too Many Ts’ Leon Rhymes.

2. Lazy Habits

Hip Hop with horns. THTC’s very own James Collins fronts our festival favourites. This year, the boys will be tearing apart the main stage of Town Hall. The Lazy Habits have had a lovely year, with some sexy shows all over the world.

3. Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon

Our boy Sinners takes time out from The Mouse Outfit to bring his deep ‘Glacial’ voice to the beats of the unmistakable Pete Cannon. As Boomtown tradition dictates, the Syntax-Cannon hybrid entity will be invading Barrio Loco, home to many of the hip hops.

4. Eva Lazarus


What an awesome few years for Eva. An absolute goddess on the mic, Lazarus has been touring with Gentleman's Dub Club’s Dubtopia Tour, as well as featuring on the bass-shaking track, Fire in the Hole. Not to be missed – so make sure you catch her at Barrio Loco – else it’s gonna be Bad News. 

5. Newton Faulkner

Newton’s been proper deep fam to THTC over the years. From his solo work to starring in American Idiot on the West End, Faulkner has some proper musical chops to match his lustrous ginger dreads. Expect a tearful and wholly inappropriate stage invasion from the THTC crew mid-set, down at the wiki-wiki Wild West.

6. Skitz


Daddy Skitz is the veteran godfather of UK Hip Hop and true pioneer. Hitting up Trenchtown like a mad (country) man, prepare for some earth shattering hip hop and dub classics to come flying off those 1210 Mk2s. Or Mk3s – however generous Boomtown’s been this year.


7. Benjamin Zephaniah & The Revolutionary Minds

Professor Benjamin Zephaniah is one of THTC’s longest standing supporters. The celebrated dub poet and social activist has had a great year in music, guesting on Si Phili’s (Phi Life Cypher) solo album, The 11th Hour – as well as teaming up with producer Corin Pennington for his own release – Revolutionary Minds. Seek out the Professor on Whistlers Green.


8. Deekline

Deekline still don’t smoke da reefer. Or does he? We’ll never tell. The DnB/Garage legend will be taking over Sector 6, dropping some nuclear beats. We caught up with Deeks at last year’s Product Earth show where he proceeded to melt a number of faces, despite heavy rain. Expect some heavy womb-shaking beats into the late night/early morning.


9. DJ Vadim

Our token Russian returns to the shores! Another old school supporter of THTC and personal friend to the family. The Reggae-Hip Hop mixtape legend will be fussin’ an’ fightin’ his way through to Trenchtown with some heavy dub beats. Hopefully Daddy Vads will bring some of that Barcelona sunshine with him to Boomtown!


10. Gold Dubs

Find your way to the Forest, to witness our boy Gold Dubs, resident vinyl spinner for UB40. We met Dubs last year with the rest of the UB40 crew and boy knows how to rock a dancefloor.


11. Earl Gateshead

The former Trojan Sound System selecta Earl Gateshead will be hitting up Trenchtown with the legendary Dawn Penn and Soom T. We will be blissing out to his consistently awesome selections of classic Trojan reggae and dubs.


12. Solo Banton & Horseman with the Upper Cut Band

Solo Banton is the elder that’s supported THTC at nearly every single Boomtown fair. The reggae and dub legend is joining forces with the equally legendary Horseman and the Upper Cut Band down at Trenchtown. Take in some Jah blessing. 


13. Jago (Only Joe)

We’ve not seen the Onlyjoe reggae crew for years, since we did a sweet collab t-shirt design with them. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Jago, vocalist with reggae outfit Onlyjoe on the Boomtown bill! Most days, Jago can be also be found MCing with Unit137 Sound System and producing music alongside Hylu, with the Hylu & Jago project.  

Aside from music Jago works as a children's literature writer and of course also alongside London Urban Arts  - alongside the very awesome Lady MC. teaching music production and song writing.  

We’ll be attending one of his several shows across Boomtown Fair for realsingtons. 


14. Nicky Blackmarket

Lord of the Jungle. THTC elder. Bringer of basslines to the needy masses. Blackmarket is a household name when it comes to Drum’n’Bass. Battle through the madding crowds to DSTRKT 5 to catch the pioneer in action.


15. SK Shlomo

He of beatboxing – SK Shlomo, the world’s first ever Loop Station Champion and THTC famalam. Shlomo’s had a few wonderful years as resident artist at the Southbank, going on to casually teach himself software engineering and build his own loopstation. Shlomo is bloody dedicated and we love him long time. Barrio Loco


16. LowQui MC

LowQui aka Chelone Wolf, one of THTC’s contributing photographers and a Drum’n’Bass MC that gets EVERYWHERE. LowQui will be MCing for a whole bunch DnB legends at Bang Hai Palace and beyond. Don’t miss out.


17. Gentleman's Dub Club & Taiwan MC


GDC. Live dub reggae that inspires mosh pits. Everyone who’s anybody knows these absolute pimpin’ dudes. One name you might not know is THTC pal, Taiwan MC of France’s Chinese Man. Rocking some serious reggae flows, we can’t wait to hear Jila and Tawian back to back on that Trenchtown soundsystem.  

 Shows that you NEED to see

  1. Fabio & Grooverider – Standard. One MUST rave with the best – DSTRKT 5
  2. Beans on Toast – Folk rap from the best of them (Town Hall)
  3. Channel One – Earth Shattering dub and reggae (Trench Town)
  4. Chimpo B2B with Sir Sypro B2B Spooky Ft Killa P – Heavyass Grime from the old THTC family – Barrio Loco
  5. MC Coppa – Unbreakable DnB lyricist – DSTRKT 5
  6. Dazee – OG Junglist. Purveyor of classic junglism - – DSTRKT 5
  7. Bailey – Metalheadz boiii – DSTRKT 5
  8. Disorda – Suspect Packages fam, brining Hip Hop and dubs to Trenchtown
  9. Dub FX – the beatbox legend, from Aus via Bristol – Barrio Loco
  10. Jungle Brown – Seriously banging Hip Hop – Barrio Loco
  11. Loyle Carner – Lazy Habits keep banging on about this chap in a proper good way – so guess we’ve gotta get tuned in! – Barrio Loco

Simply Mandatory Viewing

This is the list of people you need to basically ditch any people slowing you down, to go and see. Literally, no excuses.

  2. Ocean Wisdom – This boy opened for Redman and Method Man. That’s enough reason to go see him. – Barrio Loco
  3. Protoje – Godamn freaking beautiful live reggae from Jamaica’s finest. Roll with Protoje at Trechntown, obvs.
  4. Shy FX – This year, Jeremy Corbyn opened for Shy FX. No lie. We were there. Shy tore down Parliament Square. It was beautiful. – DSTRKT 5
  5. Soweto Kinch – Jazz-Hip Hop & Spoken Word hero from Birmingham. Man will expand your mind.
  6. The Comet Is Coming – FML. Seriously. DO. NOT. MISS. THESE. GUYS. Cosmic nu-wave electronic jazz, fronted by the sexiest sax that’s ever existed.
  7. The Specials – Who are you that you’re asking who the godamn Specials are? SKANK RUDEBOY – Trench Town
  8. Arrested Development – Eeeeeeeeeeveryday peeeeeeeeople – Town Centre
  9. Ziggy Marley – It’s Ziggy Marley. Just bloody go! – Trenchtown.

Also an honorable mention for our peeps, Happy Slap Boutique, taking over a section of Bang Hai Palace for their unique stage show - cannae say more than that ;) Join Happy Slap Boutique for their from 11pm on Thursday and Midnight Friday & Saturday. Expect bass, breaks, jungle, hip-hop, ghetto funk, reggae, drum & bass and good times.

Be seein' you, Boomtown.

Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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