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THTC Meets: Feed The Birds' Chris Bovey

THTC Meets: Feed The Birds' Chris Bovey

December 08, 2017

The British Cannabis scene is a real diverse mix of folk - from the stoners, the geeky growers, the suited-and-booted 'green' venture funders, to the medical messiahs. Chris Bovey, of the social media activism group, Feed The Birds, treads lightly (and legally) between all of these camps. 

His life, obviously not without drama having successfully batted off a long-running spurious legal action from one of the UK's lesser desirable individuals in the cannabis industry, in 2014. He's also upset a lot of chemtrail conspiracy theorists in a standard  British way, which was covered by VICE Magazine some years back. Chris has been involved with submitting evidence to Parliament regarding various issues on drug addiction, in his capacity as co-founder of NORML UK, the world's oldest Cannabis reform lobby.

THTC has worked with Feed The Birds to produce their group merchandise, raising money to assist with a range of advocacy activities aimed at pushing forward the agenda of sustainable and sensible cannabis law reform. But enough about that - here's Chris, in his own words.

How do brotherman? Life good? Tell us about Feed The Birds - what do you folk actually do? 

Life can always be worse, can always be better! We run a Facebook page. The original concept behind Feed the Birds, was to legally spread hemp or cannabis seeds - the most useful seed on the planet - and photo any unexpected results from nature doing its work which the Home Office confirmed was perfectly legal.

We post a lot of cannabis-related content. There are so many 'stoner' pages, to be a bit different we also post left-leaning political rants - which pisses off a few people, but so what?

Chris, pictured after his legal victory alongside fellow activist, Sarah McCulloch (Photo/Sarah McCulloch)

What are the biggest challenges facing the end of prohibition in the UK right now? What can the average person do to help?

Well the current government led by Theresa May will never reform cannabis laws, but it’s important to keep up the pressure as those clowns will be out soon so there will be new players. It’s also important to stop them from declaring so-called skunk a Class A drug because skunk sounds scary if you read the Daily Mail.

People need to normalise all aspects of Cannabis. Don’t be afraid to talk about your cannabis consumption, bore your friends, bombard your MP with evidence - let them know it’s a vote winner to not be a boring prudish anti-pot c***!

To quote Thomas Jefferson: "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

What is the most annoying and damaging cannabis myth, as far you’re concerned?

The Skunk myth. They say cannabis was somehow not so strong when David Cameron and his fellow MPs were smoking weed at university. This is bollocks, I remember smoking knockout weed from Amsterdam in the early 90s smuggled in by local fishermen in my late teens and early twenties.

Skunk is a cross from Mexican, Afghani and Thai, named so because it is smelly as hell - and has been around since the 1960s! Do you think the late great Howard Marks was smuggling in tonnes of hash into Europe and America so people could get a ‘little tickle’? No, they were buying his hash cos it got them f**king stoned!

Who we should be listening to and following for the most balanced and progressive news and content on cannabis?

Scientific consensus - that’s what we should be listening to, not media hysteria. Experts like Dr Ben Sessa and Prof David Nutt who know what they are talking about.

We should also be observing other countries and states in the USA that have reformed cannabis laws, where we have seen a reduction in crime, savings on enforcement costs and millions generated in taxation to spend on public services.  

Dr Ben Sessa & Prof David Nutt

Prohibitionists talk about ‘harm reduction’ with cannabis - what does that mean to you?

Hypocrisy. Prohibitionists talk about harm reduction, yet they advocate policies that do just the opposite. For example, earlier in the year a representative from a drugs charity Steps2Recovery, claimed on the BBC that heroin was safer than Skunk. I fear a lot of these people are more interested in protecting their income stream than genuine harm reduction.

What makes you want to work with THTC?

Cos you’re awesome!

Beatfox & Kimmy (Breathless) in the THTC x Feed The Birds Hemp t-shirts

If you could change anything about the world, what would it be and why?

Brexit - it’s a really dumb idea.

What’s on your ipod/zune/spotify? What gets Chris B and his merry band up in the morning?

My daily play mixes generally include older music, like rhythm n blues, folk, rock, listen to stuff like Pentangle, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Mississippi John Hurt, Radiohead, you know that kind of stuff, also like classical music, Beethoven is the don!


Aside from the Feed the Birds logo design - what’s your favourite THTC design and why?

The Gold Lion one - it has a lot of depth and meaning to it.

Check out the THTC x Feed The Birds Collection below and help support the British Cannabis Community!



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