THTC Officially Partners with the Corbyn Campaign

by Ashwin Bolar September 07, 2016

The Man

As much as the establishment hate him,  Jeremy Corbyn has, in recent years, ultimately gotten a lot of people far more engaged in politics than many British statesmen could have dreamed of. His talks have brought city centres to a standstill, drawing tens of thousands to pack auditoriums and streets across the country.

His progressive position on the environment, the public funding of higher education, ending the privatisation of the NHS, and his huge support and plans for boosting the arts has pretty much won the THTC family over. The fact that he's standing firm, despite being under a near-daily attack in many parts of the media, is an even greater testament to his character.

Getting Noticed

A few months back, the Daily Mail ran a screaming front page 'exposé' on Momentum, (one of the Labour movement groups supporting Jeremy), calling out their clothing source, Gildan, for utilising sweat shop labour. I was urged to write a retort, highlighting the hypocrisy of the Mail Group in taking wads of advertising money from many more clothing labels that were doing exactly that. I also talked about the options available to small NGOs with limited resources, and how attractive low-priced blank merchandise can look. But of course, as with most things in a capitalist society, cheap crap costs lives.
After the story initially broke, Momentum immediately halted production of the their campaign t-shirts, while they sourced a certifiably ethical clothing company to replace their initial partner. The combination of my blog, along with THTC’s CORBYN design, obviously caught their attention - because a couple weeks later, we were asked to assist in producing a line of merchandise to help Jeremy's bid to defend his leadership of the Labour Party. We, of course, jumped at the chance.

The first of our collaborations is a client-design combined with THTC ethical sourcing, on organic cotton. Sales from this t-shirt go directly to, the official campaigning group for Jeremy Corbyn. Hopefully, this will be the first of many collaborations with Jeremy's crew. He's someone that's consistently come down on the right side of many policy arguements - as far as we at THTC are concerned - and we're proud to fly the flag for the Corbyn fam. 

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Ashwin Bolar
Ashwin Bolar


Director of Digital Marketing for THTC

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