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THTC x Crisis at Christmas 2017

THTC x Crisis at Christmas 2017

December 04, 2017

Once again, December is upon us. This year, it seems that the cold is biting even harder than last year. Naturally, our thoughts in the THTC office turn to those who once again don’t have a roof over their heads. With that in mind, for the third year running we launch our pledge for Crisis, the national charity for homeless people. 

Photo/Crisis at Christmas

We wanted to launch this a couple weeks back, to coincide with ‘Black Friday’ - mostly as a big ‘F-You’ to the usual consumerist advertising garbage that’s plastered all over our cities. However, new projects - such as our new partnership with Refugee Community Kitchen, our photo shoot and a few other secret surprises - got in the way.

Throughout December, THTC is pledging 10% of net sales from all of our non-collaboration designs to Crisis - meaning all of our designs that aren’t already partnered with one of our lovely NGO friends. Don’t worry - we’ve put them all in one collection to make it easier to browse!  

Why we do this

Since 2010, the number of rough sleepers in the UK has rocketed by 134% (source: Earlier in November Polly Neate, Chief Exec of Shelter, highlighted that there are now more homeless families in temporary accommodation in the UK, than the entire population of Newcastle.

Rough Sleepers in the UK (Source: Department of Communities and Local Government, 2017)

As the Conservatives continue to push on with their cuts to essential services and social welfare, more are being pushed into homelessness being unable to pay the rent. The four-year freeze on local housing allowance as well as the failed policies of the Universal Tax Credit have pushed an estimated further 13,000 onto the streets - and that’s not even counting the ‘hidden homeless’ - the undeclared, the families sofa-surfing and those simply to ill to make themselves known to services.

Theresa May promised that the survivors of Grenfell Tower, one of the country's deadliest fires, would be rehoused within three months. As of writing this blog, over 130 families are still in temporary and sub-standard housing, classed as statutory homeless.  

CRISIS at Christmas

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. They help people directly out of homelessness, and campaign for the social changes needed to solve it altogether.

At Christmas, they bring together a unique volunteer effort that provides immediate help for homeless people at a critical time of year. This year, guests will be welcomed at over 13 centres across Britain and offered food, clothing, health services and a chance to relax. But Crisis’ work does not end there. They will offer guests individual advice and support and encourage them to go to their year-round service centres in the New Year.


This is only made possible through the collective effort and generosity of thousands of volunteers, individuals, community organisations and companies who donate money, time, skills, goods and services. Crisis needs your support. Donate, fundraise, volunteer, or sign up to the Everybody In campaign, to help affect permanent change.

Crisis, and other organisations like them need all the support that we can afford. Only by working together can we end homelessness.

Learn more about Crisis on their site.

Helping others

2017 has been a rough year for many - giving back to the people, in whatever small way that we can gives us at THTC a little peace. Our taxes just seem go to propping up dead industries, the privatisation of the NHS and ensuring the highest earners in society get to keep more of their wealth. Through our partnerships in the last year we’ve raised nearly £20,000 for a large number of NGOs and charitable organisations.

And we’re still supporting loads more with our various campaign designs:

  • THTC x Refugee Community Kitchen - supporting compassion in action, with the most prolific volunteer-run organisation, cooking over 2,700 hot meals for refugees in Calais and homeless people in and around London.
  • Our THTC x EIA collection – helping support the Environmental Investigation Agency and the global fight against the illegal wildlife trade.
  • Our THTC x WLT collection – supporting World Land Trust safeguarding the World’s endangered ecosystems through the development of wildlife corridors and sanctuaries.
  • Our THTC x Born Free collection – backing the fight against global animal exploitation
  • The THTC x Momentum collection - supporting the awesomest group of disestablishmentarianists that ever was. Momentum, the grassroots political organisation supporting Jeremy Corbyn and his policies of equality, justice and environmental sustainability.

Organically grown, ethically built and socially-minded – make your Christmas gift count towards a better world, with THTC.

Click through to the THTC x Crisis Christmas Collection

Note: THTC is not officially affiliated or partnered with Crisis - we do this just because. 

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