THTC Spooky Halloween 2018 Flash Sale

THTC Spooky Halloween 2018 Flash Sale

THTC Flash Sale

10AM-10PM GMT on Saturday 27th October

OooooOOoooOoh! [Insert existential terror here] It's yet another barely disguised attempt for us to make our quarterly sales targets. But you don't care about that. You know what to do - when the countdown reaches "0:00" - all items in this mammoth collection of original hemp and organic cotton garms will be 35% off! Don't miss out on the new preorders, either!

Grab the latest ish from Roo, Low Class, Fybe:One, Mau Mau and many more...

NB: During the Flash Sale, all existing discount codes and promotions will be temporarily disabled. Cos' there's a limit to how generous we be ;)