Collaborate & Merchandise

A History of Collaboration

In THTC's history spanning almost two decades, we have worked with an amazing network of international graphic artists to create some of the world’s most exciting and socially-aspirational artwork.

THTC's Free Burma collaboration for Free Burma Campaign UK, modelled by Danny Dyer 

We have produced ethical ranges for over a hundred organisations and artists including Beardyman, Newton Faulkner, Sinitta, Maharishi Clothing, Asian Dub Foundation, the UK Beatbox Championship, Foreign Beggars, Boomtown Festival, C.A.L.M., Renegade Hardware and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

A Different Way of Doing Business

Most conventional merchandising producers place little-to-no emphasis on either ethics or sustainability. 1 KG of conventional cotton lint requires between 9-10,000 litres of water to produce, with cotton irrigation diverting water away from food and subsistence crops in developing countries. Its production accounts for over 16% of global pesticide usage. (Source: Chapagain et al, 2006)

Conventional producers such as Gildan, Fruit of the Loom and Hane have been identified by various labour organisations including the WRC, ILO and War on Want, as perpetuating sweatshop labour conditions and violating worker rights in their overseas factories.

Our collaboration with the Hyper D Legacy project - modelled by MC Skibbadee, Orifice Vulgatron, MC Navigator - printed on organic cotton

THTC believes that merchandising should be an opportunity for brands to showcase how they make the world a better place - and not in themselves be a product of human suffering.

THTC's collaboration with social activist network, Feed The Birds, printed on hemp. Modelled by Beatfox and KIMMY (Breathless)

Make Ethical Merchandise With Us

If you would like to work with THTC or even see a few more examples of our work - drop us an email at info[at], and download a copy of the brochures below.

Download THTC Collaboration Services Summary (PDF)

Download 2018 THTC Collaboration (Blanks & Printing) Price List (PDF)