THTC - An Ethical Business

We don't simply talk about saving the world. Over the last 16 years, we've carefully and mindfully worked our way towards creating an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business.

It's been a painstakingly slow and methodical process, that involves building solid relationships, ensuring that every step along the supply and production chain is fair and proper. It's also about ensuring that our community of consumers are happy with our products, and continue to come back, time and time again.


Ensuring that clothing production conforms to an ethical standard, is actually very easy.

It's actually surprising that companies such as Primark, Next, Top Shop, Burberry, GAP, Nike - amongst others - don't. They produce clothes with a shockingly high markup, and (often) don't look to buy in their clothing from factories that ensure a decent wage and working conditions for the folks that make all their stuff. In addition, not many look to ensure that their materials are farmed and produced in a sustainable manner.

It's a myth that those simple assurances make good quality clothing unaffordable. THTC is more than willing to pay for materials produced under fair conditions, and not apply a ridiculous markup to you, the consumer. Because life isn't about profit.

We resell organic cotton from Stanley & Stella, who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation - an organisation that helps ensure that garment workers are paid a fair wage. All of our cotton garments are GOTS certified, and our company is ranked of the Responsible 100, an index of socially and environmentally responsible companies in the UK.

Learn more about the Fair Wear Foundation, GOTs, and the Responsible 100.


Other Cool Stuff

So we stuck to our guns, and a lot of good stuff has happened over the years. We're currently ranked as Ethical Consumer magazine's 'most ethical menswear label' in the UK.

Our CEO, Gav Lawson was a founding member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, a body that's bringing the fashion industry kicking and screaming into the age of sustainability. He also picked up a PEA award for his work as a young businessman in making THTC Clothing a sustainable business.